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Was able to log-in previously but can’t log-in now


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  • jeremy messer

    Was able to log in for my first 4 days and it would not allow me to log in anymore. When I contact Trader2B, they say the issue logging in is on my end. Firewall protection, Antivirus protecting, ISP connection or their firewall. It is not my ISP because two different internet sources and have the same issue. So they say it is on my side and my issue. Now I am left to figure out computers, firewalls, antiviruses software, windows security, Internet Service Provider, and again the firewalls, antivirus software, and different forms of security that they use from the ISP's. The only help I get from Trader2B is that " they are having an investigation with the issue. I paid for this program and training but cannot get properly set up. This is the second time I paid for the program and now ONCE AGAIN I am on my own to figure this out.


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